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"The Original"Powder Mortar Plasticiser Tested to BS 4887

Pre-measured powdered mortar plasticiser used at the rate of 1 sachet per bag of cement
BRICKIES MATE Pre-measured powdered mortar plasticiser used at the rate of 1 sachet per bag of cement
To BS 4887:1973
Suremix Mortar Plasticiser, aids workability in mortar whilst maintaining compressive strength. Helps to prevent crazing, gives improved water resistance and frost resistance to -2C in the wet. Still based on Vinsol Resin to give the best performance. BS4887.
Rate of Use guide: 70cc-140cc per 25kg cement.
Frostproofer and Rapid Hardener
Liquid admixture which accelerates the setting of concrete and mortar. Contains Chloride ions: not for use in re-inforced concrete.
Rate of use guide: 1.25Ltr - 2.5 Ltr per 25 kg of cement
SURESPEED CHLORIDE FREE Frostproofer and hardener A chloride free version of the above for use where metal reinforcements or wall ties are likely to be used.
Rate of use guide: 1.25Ltr - 2.5 Ltr per 25 kg of cement

A powder version of the above.
Rate of use guide: 0.5 - 1 Kg per 25 kg of cement

FROSTPROOFER POLYPACKS Crystalline Frostproofer and Rapid Hardener in single unit measures to provide controlled dosage and minimise wastage.
Use in renderings to give superior water resistance. Plasticises and slows rate of water evaporation.
Rate of use guide: 250cc per 25 kg of cement

An integral liquid admixture used to make concrete and mortars impermeable to water penetration.
Rate of use guide: 250cc per 25 kg of cement

POWDER WATERPROOFER Use in concrete and renderings to give improved water resistance and plasticisation.
Rate of use guide: 0.5 Kg- 1 Kg per 25 kg of cement
RETARDER Liquid admixture to provide varying degrees of retardation, reduction in water/cement ratio and increase strength.
FRENZIN CMA WATERPROOFER High quality waterproofer plasticiser for use in concrete, sand/cement screeds, roughcast and dry dash renders.
Rate of use guide: 125mls per 25 kg of cement
CEMCOL Mortar & Cement Dye
BS 1014 Type A
Pigment for use in mortars and concrete. Contains no inert fillers or extenders. Colours available: Black, Brown, Yellow, Marigold and Red. Green is available on request at extra cost. Supplied in units of 25 kg bags.
Rate of use guide: 0.5 kg - 1 kg
PERMATONE As above supplied in pre weighted tubs
OXIDE PIGMENT As above supplied in loose powder in 25 kg units



Universal PVA Bonding Adhesive is an adhesive and bonding agent for all building materials (except plastics or rubber).

Rate of use guide:
6-12 square metres per litre neat
12-24 square metres per litre at 1:1 diluted.
12-36 square metres per litre at diluted 1 part PVA:3 part water.

COMPOUND SBR Styrene butadiene latex admixture for cement systems. Improves durability, water resistance and strength in screeds, renders and mortars. May also be used as a water resistant bonding primer.
Rate of use guide:
6-12 square metres per litre as a primer.
3-7 litre per 25 kg cement as an admixture.
BCR350 W/R WOODWORK ADHESIVE To BS EN 204 Water resistant Woodwork Adhesive self cross links on drying to give increased cohesive strength and water resistance.
Rate of use guide:
8 square metres per litre.
BORDEN 'ONE SHOT' Powdered U/F resin glue for general joinery, cabinet making and dinghy building. Available in 25 kg bags only.
BCR FAST FORM Water-resistant and non staining. Suitable for use in dinghy construction, cabinet making and general joinery. Available in small packs
MITRE ADHESIVE Fast set, all purpose 2 part adhesive.
CONTACT ADHESIVE (Aerosol) Aerosol Contact Adhesive gives permanent bond to porous and non-porous substances. Ozone friendly and note the ease of application.
CONTACT ADHESIVE Bonds plastic laminates, plywood, chipboard, metal, textiles, plaster board etc.
CONTACT ADHESIVE 308 Heat resistant contact adhesive.
LAMINATING and MITRE ADHESIVE Single component Polyurethane adhesive. Specifically designed for use with insulating materials and ridged or flexible facing materials.
AQUASTICK Solvent free contact adhesive
SUPERGLUE Fast setting multi-use adhesive.
SUPERGLUE ACTIVATOR Makes Superglue instant.
SUREFOAM Aerosol moisture cured polyurethane foam. Multi-use versatile filler / adhesive. Available in Handheld or Gun grade plus cleaner


GP TROWEL MASTIC Ready mixed trowel applied mastic for use in pointing brick and stonework and for the sealing of doors and windows frames.
Available in red and stone.
SURESEAL GP General purpose mastic sealing doors and window frames.
Available in White, Brown, Natural, Grey, Black and Mahogany.
ALL PURPOSE ACRYLIC Multi-purpose, flexible caulk for interior gap and crack filling. Can be used externally but protect from rain until cured.
Available in White.

High Modulus: Type B
Glass to glass and general purpose usage. Contains fungicide.
Available in Clear, White, Brown and Grey

Low Modulus: Type A
For uPVC and expansion joints where greater flexibility is required.
Available in White, Brown and Clear.

SILICONE SEALANT REMOVER Highly effective chemical cleaner for the removal of excess sealant.
INTUMESCENT SEALANT High grade gap filler which expands when exposed to high temperatures. White only.
1 PART POLYSULPHIDE Moisture cured general purpose gap and joint filler for use where moderate movement is expected.
Available in Brown, Stone, White, Black and Dark Grey.
2 PART POLYSULPHIDE Chemical cured elastomeric gap and joint filler for use where high performance is required.
Available in Grey.
POLYSULPHIDE PRIMER For use with 1 or 2 part systems
POLYURETHANE SEALANT HM & LM High Modulus: A general purpose sealant and adhesive cures to a tough and resilient seal providing the highest levels of adhesion and durability.
Low Modulus: A high performance sealant for use in joints subjected to high and continuous levels of movement.
Available in White and Grey.
SURESEAL HI-GRAB PANEL ADHESIVE Panel Adhesive for the quick fixing of wood and hardboard panels, architrave's and all timber fittings without the need for nails, screws etc.
SURESEAL SUPERGRIP Solvent free Panel Adhesive for use as above.
SKELETON GUN Top quality metal applicator for cartridges up to 400cc
SUREFOAM Aerosol moisture cured polyurethane foam. Versatile filler / adhesive available in hand held or gun grade PLUS cleaner.
ROOF AND GUTTER Gun applied bitumen mastic, has a modified adhesion agent that enables use on wet surfaces.
MIRROR ADHESIVE Formulated to resist mirror surface attack.
AQUARIUM SEALANT Completely safe for use for aquatic applications